There’s two sides to every story.  

That is, if there’s only two characters and no onlookers.  Your usual story has dozens, if not hundreds, of sides.  No two people can have the same perspective on something.  No two people can watch a situation unfold and come away from it with the exact same perspective.  This is what creates so much conflict, confusion, and gossip.

I’m going to tell you lots of stories, but I can only see one side of them.  I’ve talked to people who see other sides and I try to understand them and let that understanding contribute to my side of the story, but I can only see so much, and I’m biased towards my own side.  My side isn’t always the right one.  My side can’t tell every part of the whole story.  My side can only contain some of the truth.  I’ll change names, I’ll keep things vague.  But still you must keep in mind that every other person in my stories has their own side.  

People have intentions that others can’t see.  People make mistakes for all kinds of reasons no one else can understand.  People have hurt me, but they still have their own side, their own version of what happened.  Maybe I hurt them too.  Maybe they really thought they were doing the right thing.  Maybe they didn’t notice I was even there and I just got caught in the crossfire.

The point is, don’t judge anyone in my stories too harshly.  Except me of course.  You know me better than you know the other characters.  You’re welcome to form any opinion of me.  I tell these stories not to bring shame upon the people I haven’t agreed with or have been hurt by, but to share what I’ve learned from them.  Every heartbreak is a learning opportunity.  Every broken friendship is a chance to grow.  

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be and look like and everything.  I’m only almost-nineteen.  I don’t have a lot of life experience.  There’s only so much wisdom you can accumulate in that many years.  But there’s still a lot that I’ve learned from my experiences with people, myself, and mental health.  

I want to share what I can through stories from my own life, and I want a place to write down what’s going through my head as I continue to learn.  It’s really just going to be a place for me to document my journey through life.  I hope you can learn something from my journey too.

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