hello world


I’ve been binge-watching the Netflix Original series Girlboss, and it’s gotten me thinking.  I’m not sure what draws me to the show.  It’s certainly not its far from likable main character Sophia who selfishly takes advantage of those around her, shoplifts, swears, and doesn’t listen to anyone who cares about her.  Her personality is awful, and while the supporting roles of her ditzy but sweet friend Annie, her love interest Shane, and her adorable gay friend Nathan and his mom do make up for it in part, it’s still hard to cheer on this girl who doesn’t seem to care about anything except how she can succeed in her eBay business as lazily as possible.

And yet somehow the show inspires me.  In spite of every character flaw, Sophia still manages to start a successful online business by shopping in thrift stores for vintage clothing and selling them on eBay for hundreds of dollars.  The fact that it’s a relatively true story only adds to this effect on me.  She’s just a girl with a laptop and a fashion sense and a desire to be a success, who now owns and run a multi-million dollar online company.  I’m just a girl with a laptop and a knack for writing with a desire to be published.

So I’m finally giving in.  I’m finally starting the blog I’ve been fantasizing about for years.  I’m finally putting my ridiculous and emotional streams of consciousness into words in the hopes that they might make sense to someone else as crazy as me on this ridiculous planet.

I don’t know what I’m doing.  I can’t afford a nice blogging platform.  I don’t know how to get this thing out there so that people will actually start reading my work.  I just know that I’m tired of hiding it.  That I’m tired of telling myself that what I have to say isn’t actually worth reading.  That I’m tired of not letting myself write down the ideas that pop into my head on a regular basis because I don’t think I can put them into words or that no one would read it even if I could.

It’s going to be a process, I have a lot to learn.  I’m just a sophomore professional writing student for crying out loud.  I don’t know anything yet.  I just know that I’m finally starting to figure out who the hell Delaney Kate Pollard is, and I’m ready to share her with the online world.

So look out world.  Del’s blogging now.

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